Remote Work for Blockchain Companies is Here to Stay

In an age of remote work being ballyhooed by even the most old-fashioned of companies, it's no surprise virtually all jobs from crypto & blockchain organizations are REMOTE FIRST.

Decentralization is a founding principle in Blockchain. The decentralization of the workforce in the crypto space is not surprising. The advantages to the employee are many - less stress, less commute, less wasted time, more productivity. The advantages to the company is the ability to pull talent from across the nation or globe versus one highly competitive city.

Companies have been battling it out, trying to recruit and compete for talent in these highly competitive cities for quite some time (pre-pandemic). Tech startups, predominantly in NYC & SF would be quite loud about their remote workforce intentions and openness to a telecommute option for their workforce. Then those same companies would post their jobs in the same old cities (SF & NYC) with reporting to the office daily as mandatory.

The pandemic has fast forwarded everything. Remote First was coming to the workforce eventually. It is now here to stay for companies in all industries. Blockchain firms are at the cutting edge of change and are already steps ahead.

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